Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter Guide: Food, Drink & Fun

Liverpool's Georgian Quarter

Liverpool boasts a rich culture and fascinating history, which visitors can conveniently explore on foot, thanks to its well-connected underground train system and pedestrian-friendly layout. One of the city’s most captivating areas is the Georgian Quarter, known for its stunning architecture, lively eateries, and charming bars.

In the Georgian Quarter, numerous delightful options for drinks, dining, and entertainment abound. From trendy bars like The Florist and Jenever Gin Bar to exquisite restaurants such as The Art School and 60 Hope Street, the Georgian Quarter certainly caters to various tastes.

Moreover, the area is steeped in history, with beautiful landmarks like the Anglican Cathedral and St Bride’s Church lending a majestic charm to the surroundings. Theatres such as Everyman and Liverpool Philharmonic Hall provide cultural entertainment, making the Georgian Quarter a truly memorable and vibrant destination for all to enjoy.

Places to Enjoy Drinks in Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter

The Florist

Location: 24 Hardman St, Liverpool L1 9AX

The Florist is an aesthetic wonder, decorated with floral arrangements, including a stunning blossom tree in the foyer. This visually appealing cocktail bar and restaurant offers a unique botanical-filled experience. It is worth visiting while exploring Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter.


Location: 32 Hope St, Liverpool L1 9BX

Located on Hope Street, Frederiks is a popular spot among locals. Its laid-back atmosphere, live jazz nights, and open fireplace make it the perfect place to unwind. Besides the array of drinks, Frederiks serves delicious pizza and an excellent Sunday Roast.

Buyers Club

Location: 24 Hardman St, Liverpool L1 9AX

Ideal for summer evenings, the Buyers Club features an outdoor garden space filled with music from bands and local DJs. Its diverse drinks menu ranges from refreshing cocktails to intriguing beers and ales. The interior transforms into an art gallery each month, showcasing the work of local artists, both established and emerging.

The Philharmonic Pub

Location: 36 Hope St, Liverpool L1 9BX

A must-visit, not just for its historical significance but also for the famous washrooms, The Philharmonic Pub offers a selection of craft and classic ales catering to the contemporary drinker. Designed in the style of a traditional gentleman’s club, this pub has served drinks to pre-show visitors since the late 19th century.

Jenever Gin Bar

Location: 29a Hope St, Liverpool L1 9BQ

Housing its very own ‘Gin-nasium’, the Jenever Gin Bar attracts gin enthusiasts to sample its collection of over 120 different kinds of gin. Visitors can create their own gin board or seek advice on how to best serve each gin variety. Each venue in Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter offers a distinct experience of the city’s famous nightlife.

Top Places to Eat in Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter

The Art School

Where: 1 Sugnall St, Liverpool L7 7EB

The Art School represents the epitome of fine dining in Liverpool. Guided by chef Paul Askew, this restaurant offers dishes that are not only delicious but also visual masterpieces. A visit here is sure to delight both your eyes and taste buds.

London Carriage Works

Where: 40 Hope St, Liverpool L1 9DA

Located in a building with a heritage of coach and carriage building, London Carriage Works serves an eclectic menu featuring a range of tasty dishes made from local and seasonal produce. A popular spot for breakfast, afternoon tea, and superb Sunday lunches in Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter.

The Quarter

Where: 7 Falkner St, Liverpool L8 7PU

The Quarter appears as though it has been lifted directly from Italy and placed within Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter. This Italian-inspired deli offers scrumptious bakery and breakfast items, delectable pasta dishes, and delightful drinks—all within an enchanting alfresco environment.

Free State Kitchen

Where: 1 Maryland St, Liverpool L1 9DE

Free State Kitchen is not only about mouthwatering burgers but also caters to vegetarians and vegans with its delicious menu selection. Indulge in their tempting desserts or relish their delectable dishes in the sun-drenched back garden during summer months.


Where: 36B Upper Hope Pl, Liverpool L7 7EA

Papillon, a recent addition to Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter, has quickly become a favourite among local foodies. Located at the intersection of two picturesque streets, the restaurant prides itself on using locally sourced produce and providing a charming terrace for alfresco dining.

Proper Pubs in Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter

The Grapes

Hidden behind the well-known St. Luke’s Church, or “the bombed-out church” as locals call it, The Grapes pub is an enduring presence in the Georgian Quarter. Its welcoming atmosphere, open-minded proprietors, and strong community ties have made it a comfortable spot for patrons.

The eclectic interior, complete with orange walls, hanging plants, and unique artwork, gives off a cosy, bohemian vibe.

Offering an extensive selection of local drinks and a wide range of gins, The Grapes ensures that its customers feel at home right away.

Peter Kavanaghs

Wandering into Peter Kavanaghs, one can immediately sense the old-world charm that this pub exudes. Situated on the picturesque corner of Egerton Street, it presents a cave of curiosities, displaying an assorted collection of objects like drums, cars, and even a crocodile hanging from the ceiling.

Original stained glass windows illuminate the interior with a colourful and atmospheric glow.

The drinks on offer are exactly what you’d expect from such a pub, possessing a traditional and satisfying flavour.

The Caledonia

As a lively venue with live music on nightly basis, The Caledonia has made its mark within the Georgian Quarter. Recognised as a finalist in 2019’s Great British Pub Awards under the “Best for Entertainment” category, its popularity is evident.

Besides offering nightly live performances, The Caledonia is dog-friendly, vegan-friendly, and caters to beer enthusiasts with its rotating selection of delicious ales.

Ye Cracke

With a history that rivals museums, Ye Cracke is a pub deeply rooted in the musical and cultural histories of Liverpool. Within its walls, a young John Lennon once dated his college girlfriend, and two local physicians made influential advancements in the field of anaesthesia practices.

Boasting an impressive list of real ales and a fantastic beer garden that offers views of the Anglican Cathedral, Ye Cracke is a quintessential pub in Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter that’s perfect for enjoying a pint, regardless of the weather.

The Beautiful Landmarks & Architecture of Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter

Falkner Street and the Square Gardens

In the heart of Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter, one will be enchanted by Falkner Street and its surrounding Square Gardens. The charming 19th-century townhouses, redbrick and whitewashed rows, and Victorian-style street lamps transport visitors back in time. No matter the season, these streets captivate onlookers with their stunning atmosphere.

The picturesque gated gardens offer a lovely setting for strolls, picnics, or peaceful moments while exploring this historic area.

Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral

As the largest religious building in Britain, Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral is visible for miles around. Its construction began in 1904, but faced delays due to two world wars, finally reaching completion in 1978. The cathedral is a hub of spirituality and worship, hosting a variety of community events, arts markets and exhibitions.

Visitors can enjoy guided tours or simply step inside to admire the majestic architecture from 8 am to 6 pm, with free entry.

St Bride’s Church

St Bride’s Church has stood out as a unique place of worship since its construction, with a history rooted in the strength of Liverpool’s people. Designed by architect Samuel Rowland in the classic style, its distinctive features include six large columns and grand Egyptian-style windows.

The church was funded and maintained by its local congregation, a testament to the tight-knit community that continues today.

St Bride’s now serves as a community hub, hosting creative and progressive events, while preserving its original architectural charm.

Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral

Affectionately known as “Paddy’s Wigwam”, the Metropolitan Cathedral is the second remarkable cathedral in the Georgian Quarter. Its name and distinctive shape originated from the large number of Irish Catholic immigrants in 19th-century Liverpool. Situated at the end of Hope Street, the imposing stained-glass funnel shape is a striking sight among the Victorian townhouses.

The Metropolitan Cathedral, completed after numerous proposals, features a conical and concentric interior, prioritising visibility of the central altar for the congregation.

Its stained-glass inlays follow a pattern of three colours representing the Holy Trinity, creating an inspiring display of natural coloured light. Today, the original crypt hosts the annual Liverpool Beer Festival, as well as other exciting events for the city to enjoy.

Entertainment in Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter

Everyman Theatre

Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter houses the esteemed Everyman Theatre, an artistic hub renowned for showcasing groundbreaking theatrical performances for over 50 years. This theatre has nurtured the careers of noteworthy actors like Dame Julie Walters and Bill Nighy.

Each show presented at the Everyman Theatre aims to captivate and inspire its audience. The theatre’s repertoire extends beyond plays to workshops, concerts, and special events throughout the year. Be sure to browse the Everyman’s events calendar during your visit to Liverpool for a memorable experience.

Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

Nestled in the heart of Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter is the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. As the residence of the distinguished Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, it boasts a rich musical history. The hall hosts a wide array of performances featuring various soloists and choirs, playing a crucial role in the city’s cherished annual events.

Audiences can enjoy diverse events such as opera, influential industry talks, and popular movie screenings accompanied by live orchestras. For those who appreciate cultural outings and enthralling musical performances, the Philharmonic Hall is an essential stop on your Liverpool city break itinerary.

Unity Theatre

Unity Theatre, a hidden jewel in Liverpool’s performing arts scene, has been challenging the norms of theatrical productions since the 1930s. Initially established as a response to the lack of radical theatre in mainstream venues, people seeking culturally relevant performances gravitated towards Unity Theatre.

Nowadays, it stands as one of the top performing arts venues in Liverpool, offering outstanding productions covering diverse themes and styles. Situated within the city’s Georgian Quarter, it forms an integral part of this vibrant cultural and creative locale.

The Georgian Quarter, though a small portion of the city, is widely acknowledged for its rich history, iconic landmarks and thriving food and drinks establishments. By visiting and exploring the area, one can gain a deeper appreciation for Liverpool’s heritage and its ongoing cultural evolution.