Best Restaurants for Roast Dinners in Liverpool City Centre

Roast Dinner Liverpool

Liverpool, a vibrant city known for its rich culture and history, also boasts a thriving food scene. In 2023, one can enjoy a variety of culinary experiences, but for those seeking the ultimate comfort food, a classic roast dinner remains a popular choice.

The city centre offers a range of exceptional restaurants catering to this quintessential British dining tradition, each providing their unique spin on this beloved dish.

Whether it’s a traditional Sunday roast or a midweek feast, these Liverpool city centre restaurants do not disappoint when it comes to delivering hearty, flavoursome meals.

From tender, slow-cooked meat to perfectly roasted potatoes and an array of accompanying vegetables, a sumptuous roast dinner is the perfect way to gather friends and family around the table and indulge in some of the most appetising fare available in the city.

Among the numerous establishments serving up mouthwatering roast dinners, a few stand out in the Liverpool dining scene. Locals and visitors alike can explore these delightful eateries in search of their favourite version of this delectable British classic while savouring the warm atmosphere that they provide.

Top Roast Dinner Restaurants

British Pubs

Liverpool city centre boasts an array of British pubs that serve up delicious roast dinners. One such example is The Monro, which offers a classic Sunday roast served with Yorkshire puddings, roasties, and all the trimmings you’d expect. The warm and cosy atmosphere of this traditional pub makes for the perfect setting to enjoy your meal.

Another great option is The Elephant Pub and Bakehouse, popular for its tender roast beef and other Sunday roast options. Be sure to get there early, as tables fill up quickly on Sundays.

High-End Restaurants

For those who prefer a more upscale dining experience, Liverpool’s city centre has you covered. Wreckfish Bistro is an excellent choice, offering a fantastic roast beef Sunday lunch, accompanied by a thoughtfully curated wine list. The modern and sleek décor creates an elegant atmosphere, perfect for a special occasion or indulgent treat.

Similarly, The Barn at Moor Hall provides a high-end dining experience, with a Sunday roast menu featuring dishes such as guinea fowl, Longhorn sirloin, and pork loin. Offering a picturesque setting and mouthwatering garnishes, this restaurant’s roast dinners are priced from £24.

Budget-Friendly Options

If you’re in search of a delicious roast dinner without breaking the bank, Liverpool city centre also offers some budget-friendly alternatives. Pippin’s Corner on Lark Lane has rave reviews on Tripadvisor for its delicious and affordable Sunday roasts. With a rating of 5/5, the roast at Pippin’s Corner is described by reviewers as “a Master Class Roast” and “the best Sunday roast ever.”

Ten Streets Social is another budget-friendly choice, serving up a hearty roast dinner that will leave you satisfied without feeling too light on your wallet. Known for their generous portions and great value, both of these options are well worth considering when looking for a roast dinner in Liverpool’s city centre.

Sunday Lunch Spots

Family Friendly Venues

Lark Lane’s Pippin’s Corner is a favourite among families, offering a 5-star rated Sunday roast experience. Here, you can treat your family to a master class roast dinner in a welcoming atmosphere.

Ma Boyle’s Alehouse and Eatery serves up a delicious Sunday roast that is not only great for families, but brings a taste of home away from home. With dishes like Scouse and a relaxing atmosphere, it’s a fantastic choice for families who want a taste of Liverpool tourism.

Romantic Restaurants

For couples looking for a more romantic setting, consider Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse at Indigo Hotel. They offer traditional Sunday roasts with the finest aged meats, guaranteeing exquisite flavours that will impress both you and your partner.

Another excellent choice for a romantic Sunday roast is Browns Brasserie & Bar, located in Ropewalks. This elegant city centre establishment offers classy Sunday roasts, perfect for a special weekend indulgence. The salted pork belly with apple butter, Waldorf and walnut stuffing, crackling and red wine jus is a house favourite.

With a range of Sunday lunch spots in and around Liverpool’s city centre, visitors and locals can enjoy a satisfying meal in both family-friendly venues and romantic restaurants. Relish the flavours and atmosphere that these establishments offer, making your Sunday dining experience truly memorable.

Vegan and Vegetarian Options

For those looking for plant-based alternatives in Liverpool city centre, there are a number of highly-rated vegan and vegetarian restaurants and dining spots to consider. When it comes to satisfying your cravings for a delicious roast dinner, these establishments aim to deliver exceptional quality without compromising on taste or variety.

Dale Street Kitchen & Bar by Shino is a popular vegetarian-friendly restaurant that has garnered rave reviews for its delectable menu and exceptional service. It offers a range of flavourful dishes and has received great praise from customers who appreciate its plant-based meal options.

Another well-known vegan dining option in Liverpool is Wavertree Town Hall, an establishment that boasts a mixture of British and European cuisine. They offer a diverse menu catering to vegans with dishes made from the finest ingredients. Their inventive plant-based courses are perfect for customers searching for a satisfying and guilt-free dining experience.

There are also a few other restaurants in the city that specialise in vegetarian and vegan meals. For example, Aldente Restaurant & Bar serves scrumptious Italian dishes and pizza, paying particular attention to the needs and preferences of their vegetarian clientele.

It’s worth exploring Liverpool’s diverse dining scene to find the perfect spot for a roast dinner that caters to your dietary requirements. With an impressive lineup of vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants and menus, you’re sure to find a satisfying meal that celebrates plant-based ingredients.

Bars and Cocktails

Liverpool city centre has a captivating selection of bars and restaurants that offer delightful roast dinners, many of which also serve exquisite cocktails for an all-round splendid dining experience. These establishments bring the perfect blend of rich, flavoursome food and creative drinks, ensuring a memorable gastronomic adventure.

Ten Streets Social is one such place known for their hearty Sunday roasts, and they also boast a variety of thirst-quenching cocktails to elevate your meal. Take your pick from classic libations or indulge yourself in some of the bespoke concoctions crafted by their skilled mixologists.

Another great spot to enjoy a delectable roast and sip on refreshing cocktails is Browns Brasserie & Bar. Their classy Sunday roasts are favourites among locals, and their extensive cocktail list offers something for everyone. From traditional martinis and mojitos to innovative creations, you’ll find the perfect pairing for your meal.

In summary, the Liverpool city centre offers plenty of options for those who appreciate fine roast dinners accompanied by an assortment of delightful cocktails. No matter your taste in drinks or your preferred roast dinner, these establishments are sure to provide a stellar experience that leaves you craving for more.