Ultimate Liverpool Hen Party Bucket List

Hen Party Bucket List

Embarking on a hen party in Liverpool promises an unforgettable weekend experience. As the UK’s top choice for such an occasion, the city boasts a diverse range of nightlife and daytime activities which cater to every taste.

From top-notch food and drinks to the most enlivening clubs and various recreational pursuits, Liverpool has all the essential ingredients to ensure a memorable hen party for every attendee.

To make the most out of this exciting event, it is essential to be well-prepared and informed. With a carefully curated list of must-try experiences, hens can leave no stone unturned as they navigate their way through the best that Liverpool has to offer.

So, gather your enthusiasm and embrace a spirited adventure in this wonderful city, where an unparalleled hen party experience awaits.

1. Stay in Style

For top-notch group accommodation in Liverpool city centre, Epic Apartments is the perfect choice. Each room, suite, or apartment boasts fantastic amenities and stylish decor, enhancing the overall experience.

The apartments, designed explicitly for group gatherings, can accommodate three to 20 guests comfortably. At Epic we also offer customisable Hen packages including everything from balloons and prosecco in your room on arrival to Butlers in the Buff and private booths. Check them out here.

Liverpool Apartment with Large Dining Table

2. Secure Your Spot on the Guest List

Liverpool, known for its vibrant nightlife not only in the UK but globally, offers numerous top-notch nightclubs for both visitors and locals. The city’s clubbing scene is filled with late-night venues serving high-end beverages, exceptional entertainment, and thrilling experiences for events like hen parties.

One of the standout nightclubs in Liverpool is Masons. Renowned for hosting skilled resident DJs, they spin the finest house music, ensuring unforgettable nights. Party goers can indulge in lavish VIP booths or opt to be in the heart of the madness.

Masons offers fantastic drinks packages, which feature access to private booths. Alternatively, attendees can simply add their names to the guest list for an extraordinary night out in Liverpool. The combination of exceptional music, luxurious settings, and a lively atmosphere make it a must-visit destination for nightlife enthusiasts.

3. Embark on the Triple Tipple Adventure

Liverpool boasts an impressive array of cocktail bars, and it’s nearly impossible to choose just one. To help you experience the best of what Liverpool has to offer, we present you with the Triple Tipple Challenge featuring three incredible cocktail bars and their top three drinks.

  • The Alchemist: This enchanting Liverpool bar serves captivating elixirs that combine cocktail craftsmanship with a touch of theatrical flair. Kick off your Triple Tipple Challenge by indulging in The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – an enticing blend of vodka, elderflower, Cointreau, and citrus. It’s nothing short of magical.
  • Red Door: This cocktail haven offers a vast selection of creatively crafted drinks with stunning presentation. The second stop on your Triple Tipple journey is the Caramelised Rum Punch, which not only delights your palate but also puts on a fiery show. Get ready to relish the sweetest rum punch you’ve ever tasted!
  • Berry & Rye: The final destination on your Triple Tipple tour is Berry and Rye. This unique cocktail bar features innovative drinks that are a must-try for any hen party visiting Liverpool. Gather your group and share Harry’s Choice 75 – a sophisticated cocktail intended for six people, made with Monkey 47 gin, fresh lemon, a hint of sugar, and topped with exquisite Dom Perignon champagne.

Now you can appreciate why we didn’t stop at just one selection. Take the Triple Tipple Challenge and revel in these three distinctive Liverpool cocktail experiences.

4. Embark on a Historical Gin Adventure

Explore Liverpool’s remarkable history with a gin-focused hen party that takes you through the city’s notable milestones. This unique experience includes five distinctive historical lessons set in various locations, such as the charming Georgian Quarter and the impressive World Heritage waterfront.

At each stop, participants will have the opportunity to taste five different gins, each with a connection to the time and place, accompanied by a specially crafted cocktail. Your knowledgeable Gin Guardian will guide the group, sharing fascinating stories from Liverpool’s past when sailors roamed the city streets after world-spanning voyages. Discover how the alluring taste of gin played a pivotal role in shaping Liverpool’s identity.

So, are you ready to dive into this enchanting gin-fuelled journey?

5. Ultimate Girl Power Paintballing

Embrace the thrill of teamwork and competition with Ultimate Indoor Paintball in Liverpool during a hen party. Witness the transformative power of donning a boiler suit and wielding a paint-drenched weapon, as the girls shift from poised princesses to fierce warriors.

At this 7,000-square-foot venue, ladies can unleash their inner strength, navigating tasks, obstacles, and team challenges. Cherish an exhilarating bonding experience among the girls, making an unforgettable hen party in Liverpool.

6. Savour a Culinary Masterpiece

At The Art School Restaurant in Liverpool, dining becomes a visual and sensory experience. Each dish is meticulously crafted with stunning presentation, combining delightful flavours from locally sourced ingredients. The skilled chef ensures that every plate is a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

The Art School’s Menu Excellence offers a delightful gastronomic journey. A standout dish is the supreme of corn-fed guinea fowl, served with potato fondant, black Winter truffle, and a foie gras bonbon. This captivating meal will linger long in your memory as a truly exceptional dining experience.

7. Embrace the Scouse Makeover

Looking fabulous is always important for a night out, and this is especially true for a hen party in Liverpool, where the city’s women constantly flaunt their glamorous style. To save time and effort, consider booking a Scouse Style Makeover for yourself and your party.

Head to Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar. Evidently, Liverpool ladies are among the most pampered in the UK, according to the store’s research. At Harvey Nichols, you and your friends can indulge in a full makeover for £40, with £35 redeemable against your favourite makeup products. What’s more? You can sip on delectable Harvey Nichols Prosecco while getting pampered.

With a Scouse Style Makeover, there’s no need to stress over preparing for your Liverpool hen party. Just focus on selecting the perfect outfit and let the experts handle the rest.

8. Shop Till You Drop

Liverpool is steadily emerging as the United Kingdom’s fashion hub, boasting an array of high street, designer, and boutique shops in the city centre. The city caters to varied tastes, offering a broad range of options, from vintage fashion boutiques to exclusive designer brands in Cavern Walks and the Met Quarter.

Liverpool One, the newest and largest shopping centre in the city, provides easy access to popular high street labels. Shoppers can find clothing essentials at beloved stores like Zara, Bershka, Ted Baker, Sweaty Betty and many others. When visiting Liverpool, be prepared to explore and shop your heart out—you might even need an extra suitcase to carry all your fantastic finds!

9. Learn to Dance like A Diva

Enhance your hen weekend experience in Liverpool by participating in a unique dance class that will have all of you mastering new moves. With talented dance instructors at your disposal, your hen party will have the opportunity to learn the groove from various dance styles.

From 80’s disco moves to classic musical routines like Grease, Fame, and Dirty Dancing, there’s something for everyone. Additionally, embrace your inner Beyoncé and nail the iconic Single Ladies dance routine.

The one and a half hour class incorporates a range of warm-up and cool-down exercises, ensuring everyone stays limber and has a great time. As an added bonus, the bride-to-be will receive a complimentary bottle of bubbly.

Get ready to bond with your fellow hens and show off your newfound dance moves as you embark on an unforgettable night out in Liverpool’s vibrant clubs and bars.

10. Seize the Mic

For individuals who love belting out tunes and those who shy away from public singing, Liverpool offers a fantastic solution for a fun-filled evening with friends. Mbox Karaoke Bar allows you and your pals to book a private booth, allowing you to sing your heart out without worrying about the scrutiny of onlookers.

The private booth comes with the added benefit of a bucket of bottled drinks and a selection of your top sing-along anthems. These well-lit, spacious booths are perfect for capturing pictures of the memorable performances.

Anyone who’s anxious about singing in front of others can relax, as only your trusted circle of friends will be fortunate enough to witness the performance. So, polish up your singing skills and unleash your inner superstar in the privacy of an Mbox karaoke booth.

11. Snap Photos with the Legendary Band

For a memorable hen party experience in Liverpool, it is essential to have a photo taken alongside one of the famous Beatles statues in the city. Venture towards the waterfront to stand beside all four Beatles or capture a fun moment with John Lennon, casually leaning against a wall outside the Cavern.

Including this photo opportunity on a Liverpool hen party itinerary is highly recommended, as no visit to the city would be truly complete without a selfie alongside The Beatles.

This enjoyable activity on a Liverpool hen party bucket list will undoubtedly contribute to a memorable celebration for the bride-to-be. The list is crafted to help hens maximise their time in Liverpool while enjoying the vibrant nightlife, exquisite dining, and thrilling adventure activities that ensure an unforgettable hen party.

Make sure to share your experiences with Signatures Liverpool by leaving a comment or posting photos on their Facebook Page. They are eager to see how many of you can complete all the activities on the list.