How to Have the Best Night Out in Ropewalks Liverpool

Night Out in Ropewalks Liverpool

The Ropewalks district, nestled in the heart of Liverpool city centre, boasts a rich history stemming from its integral role in rope manufacturing for sailing ships up until the 19th century. This vibrant neighbourhood is now known for its parallel streets specifically designed for rope production, which today serve as the backdrop for a bustling cultural hub.

Famous for its nightlife, the Ropewalks area is a tapestry of trendy bars, nightclubs, and independent shops, cafés, and restaurants spread throughout its labyrinth of streets. With cultural gems like FACT, the Grade I listed Bluecoat, and the Bombed Out Church peppering the landscape, Ropewalks showcases the perfect blend of Liverpool’s past and present.


The Jacaranda, affectionately known as the ‘Jac,’ has deep historical ties to the Liverpool music scene, stemming back to its beginnings in 1958 as the first home of the Beatles. After a refurbishment and reopening in 2014, this vibrant venue continues to serve as a hub for emerging musical talent.

Well-known for its open mic nights every Thursday and Sunday, the Jacaranda also hosts live bands on Fridays and Saturdays from 8pm onwards. Its interior oozes coolness, featuring a jukebox, chandeliers, and an array of Beatles memorabilia.

Upstairs, Jacaranda Records offers a one-of-a-kind concept, where visitors can simultaneously indulge in vinyl, coffee, and cake. With record players built into the tables, patrons can explore and enjoy a wide variety of music while sipping on a fabulous cocktail or savouring a cold beer.

True to its name, which originates from an exotic plant species, the Jacaranda has a unique and vibrant atmosphere that draws locals and travellers alike.


Leaf, a delightful venue located on Bold Street, is renowned for its extensive selection of exotic teas, delectable homemade food, and diverse options of wine, beer, and cocktails. The interior is both cosy and unique, consistently filled with a vibrant atmosphere that makes it a go-to spot for day and evening gatherings. Serving as a cultural centre for Liverpool residents, Leaf actively supports the arts. It is also an ideal spot to kick off a night out.

Brew Dog

BrewDog, a Scottish brewery known for their extensive beer selection, has seen rapid growth in recent years and now boasts bars in numerous major UK cities. The Liverpool location offers a variety of over 30 unique ales, some with alcohol content comparable to wine. In addition to BrewDog’s own creations, like Punk IPA, Elvis Juice, and Anarchy, the bar also features bottled selections from prestigious international breweries such as Mikkeller, Flying Dog, Evil Twin, Mad Hatter, and Stone. With its confident and knowledgeable approach, BrewDog Liverpool provides a clear and diverse beer experience for its patrons.

Cafe Tabac

Situated at the top of Bold Street, Cafe Tabac boasts a stylish, dimly lit atmosphere with velvety decor and a diverse hip hop soundtrack. This neon-lit venue evokes a unique continental experience in Liverpool, channeling the atmosphere of a 1960s Parisian café during the Nouvelle Vague era.

Renowned for their top-notch cocktails, Cafe Tabac’s espresso martini is a favourite among coffee aficionados. The establishment also offers an impressive selection of red wine.

Newington Temple

Located just off Bold Street on Newington Street, Newington Temple is a lively and colourful pub offering a wide range of beers, spirits, and wines. The interior design features daring colours, white marble table tops, and navy and yellow leather seating. The establishment prides itself on having the “best jukebox in the world” and, although slightly hidden away, is a fantastic addition to a night out in the Ropewalks area of Liverpool.

Kazimier Gardens

This popular spot in Ropewalks is cherished by both locals and visitors seeking a unique experience. Known as “The Kaz”, it seamlessly blends an earthy, bohemian atmosphere with electronic music, creating a festival-like setting in the heart of Liverpool’s urban streets. Kazimier Garden boasts a rustic, botanical ambience, complete with mismatched furniture and outdoor decor, making it an ideal location to socialise and enjoy the sunshine.

Late Evenings

During late evenings, the Kazimier Gardens transforms into a vibrant and lively space where guests can immerse themselves in the enchanting atmosphere and eclectic tunes. The combination of its cosy setting and captivating music makes this hidden gem an essential stop on any Ropewalks night out.


Motel is a unique dive bar situated on Fleet Street in the heart of Liverpool’s Ropewalks district. Drawing inspiration from American graphic novels and post-punk style, this trendy spot offers visitors an unforgettable experience.

Upon entering the bar, guests are greeted with a dark, intimate atmosphere featuring exposed brick walls and an industrial vibe. The interiors are adorned with original artwork by Dave Baddeley and eye-catching neon signs, adding to its edgy allure.

Motel is known for serving delicious cocktails alongside a diverse range of lagers and craft ales, ensuring that there’s something to suit every taste.

The Merchant

A popular spot in Liverpool for a refreshing gin goblet or a crisp craft beer is The Merchant. Known for its sleek, industrial interior complemented by eye-catching hanging plants and copper accents, this bar appeals to locals and students alike.

Visitors can appreciate its spacious yet inviting garden area, offering a mix of areas for group gatherings and cosy corners for more intimate conversations. Committed to promoting local independent ventures, The Merchant frequently hosts a range of events and is a highlight during a night out in Liverpool.

An added bonus, the Nightcrawler pizza bar situated within the bar provides scrumptious pizza slices to satisfy any craving.

Be At One

Tucked away from the lively Seel Street, Be At One is a haven for cocktail enthusiasts who appreciate the art of mixology. Established as the 32nd location of a renowned chain that originated in London in 1998, this one-of-a-kind bar provides patrons with more than 150 cocktail options. The selection ranges from well-loved classics and indulgent ice cream blends to an array of mocktails catering to all tastes.

The interior of Be At One boasts a fun and vibrant atmosphere, featuring colourful seating, artificial grass hedges, and neon signs that seamlessly combine Liverpool’s rich musical history with pop art. An outdoor courtyard offers the ideal spot to soak up the sun while sipping on a refreshing icy cocktail.

Guests can take advantage of Happy Hour every day, with a minimum duration of three hours and lasting all day on Sundays. The diverse cocktail menu and inviting ambience make Be At One a delightful spot for a night out in Ropewalks.

The Peacock

The Peacock, located at the top of Seel Street, is an ideal spot for a late evening drink. As night falls, it transforms into a lively club with DJs and an impressive dance floor. Visitors can enjoy various cocktails and spirit mixers while dancing on multiple levels.

Salt Dog Slims

Situated on Seel Street, Salt Dog Slims is a renowned dive bar with a reputation for its signature cocktails and energetic atmosphere. Inspired by a fusion of German and American traditions, this popular spot is brought to you by the creators behind Santa Chupitos and El Bandito, thus exuding a similar ambience.

If curious about 81 LTD, the bar’s clandestine upstairs speakeasy, feel free to ask the bartenders for access. Alternatively, one can visit and apply for the elusive daily code providing entry to this hidden gem.


Although Salt Dog Slims may not be Liverpool’s best-kept secret anymore, it surely remains a prime destination for visitors and locals alike, especially for those seeking a vibrant nightlife experience.

El Bandito

Located on Slater Street, El Bandito is a small and discreet cocktail bar with a focus on tequila and Mexican themes. Offering a vast selection of unique and potent cocktails, this hidden gem has established itself as a sanctuary for tequila enthusiasts. One of their specialities is the Homemade Desperados, a powerful concoction that guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Berry and Rye

If you are a fan of whiskey, blues, jazz, and gin, Berry and Rye might be your ideal choice. Situated on Berry Street, this hidden gem is a cocktail bar that prefers to stay inconspicuous, with no visible signage outside.

Inside, you will find a cosy setting adorned with plush velvet curtains, rustic wooden tables illuminated by flickering candles, and a wide selection of cocktails. Berry and Rye has the allure of a secret haven.

Late Night

This intimate venue comes alive at night, providing the perfect atmosphere to enjoy its offerings while reclining in its unique setting. With a vast menu of cocktails and spirits, Berry and Rye caters to both classic and adventurous tastes. The late-night atmosphere seamlessly transitions from its daytime ambience, securing its place as a prime destination for an impressive night out.


Situated just off Seel Street, La’Go offers a vibrant atmosphere with its late-night opening hours and resident DJs playing an eclectic mix of funk fusion. Guests can enjoy free entry and fantastic drink deals, making it an affordable night out.

The interior features a long bar, comfortable sofas and even a foosball table for a friendly competition to determine who purchases the next round. La’Go is an ideal spot for those seeking a lively night of dancing and socialising until the early hours.

Heebie Jeebies

Heebie Jeebies is a well-known establishment in Liverpool, boasting a lively courtyard and three floors of varying music, making it an excellent spot to mingle with locals. A popular destination for both Liverpudlians and visitors, its diverse bar spaces and energetic dance floors create an environment where guests are likely to form new friendships.

The venue offers an assortment of DJ nights and live music performances, attracting a mixed audience of students and working professionals seeking leisure. Additionally, those with a passion for Liverpool’s thriving indie scene can be found at Heebie Jeebies, always eager to share their lighters in the enchanting courtyard setting.


Revolution, nestled within the Tea Factory building, is a vibrant bar renowned for its affordable cocktail offers and lively ambiance. The establishment features four distinct bars, a delightful restaurant section, and a newly upgraded basement club for a memorable Ropewalks evening experience. Patrons are sure to be captivated by the diverse offerings and unique design of this popular nightspot.

Red Door

Red Door has rapidly gained popularity as a lively and trendy spot in the Ropewalks area. Located on Berry Street, this stylish bar offers a variety of music genres, such as hip hop and dance, inviting everyone to join the fun under the glowing red neon lights.

Venture outside to discover the charming courtyard, leading you up to the Tiki Bar on the terrace. There, enjoy their delightful Hawaiian-inspired cocktails, adding a tropical touch to your night. Last but not least, don’t forget to capture some memorable moments in their photo booth, creating lasting memories of an unforgettable night out.


Moloko, a trendy bar in Liverpool, draws its name from the iconic milk bar in Stanley Kubrick’s film ‘A Clockwork Orange.’ This establishment sets itself apart with its specialty hard milkshakes, which are delectably extravagant, loaded with scrumptious goodies. The ambience inside embodies that of an American diner, seamlessly complementing the beverage selection and menu.

To elevate the experience, Moloko has introduced an enchanting beer garden, adorned by white lanterns and twinkling fairy lights. It makes for an idyllic spot to unwind during warm summer evenings.

Brooklyn Mixer

Early Hours

Located on Seel Street, Brooklyn Mixer is renowned for its lively atmosphere and wide range of musical beats, thanks to the talented DJs and events held throughout the week. Patrons can enjoy Brooklyn beers, a diverse cocktail menu, and a variety of spirits at the well-stocked bar. The establishment offers an impressive array of unusual beers from around the globe, including classic European lagers, robust stouts, dark ales, and unique seasonal drinks. Partying across three floors each night, Brooklyn Mixer ensures a distinctive vibe on every level, led by resident DJs during the early hours.

Black Rabbit

The Black Rabbit is an ideal spot for late-night enjoyment in the Ropewalks area, just a short distance from Concert Square. Known for its unique selection of over 50 different shots, this bar has something for everyone. Its quirky decor and a diverse music playlist, ranging from old school R&B to techno, create an exciting atmosphere for patrons. The experience at Black Rabbit is perfect when seeking a lively destination well into the early hours of the morning.


MODO is a top-rated cocktail bar located in Liverpool’s renowned Concert Square area. The establishment offers an extensive outdoor seating area for patrons. The music selection consists of house, RnB, and chart hits, providing a reliable choice for those seeking a lively night out.


Level nightclub has been a popular destination in Liverpool since its opening in 2014. The club features three distinct floors, each offering a different music genre for patrons to enjoy. The first level provides a lively atmosphere with house music, while the second level delivers the latest RnB and Hip Hop tunes. Meanwhile, the third level focuses on chart-topping hits, where resident DJs play catchy tracks for everyone to sing along to.

Over the years, Level has welcomed some of the world’s most renowned acts and DJs, aiming to revive the vibrant clubbing scene that characterised Liverpool in the 1990s. The nightclub’s dynamic offerings and exhilarating atmosphere make it a top choice for night owls seeking an unforgettable night out in the Ropewalks area.