Best Burgers in Liverpool: Our Top Picks for a Scrumptious Bite

Best Burgers in Liverpool

Burgers have undeniably become a staple in the culinary world, and Liverpool boasts an array of remarkable eateries and dedicated burger establishments catering to all tastes and preferences. With a myriad of options available, selecting the finest burger in Liverpool may appear challenging.

This article offers a comprehensive guide, detailing some of the finest burger joints Liverpool has to offer. From well-known chains to local favourites, this compilation encompasses a diverse range of establishments waiting to be discovered and savoured. Embark on a gastronomic journey to uncover Liverpool’s best burgers at any of these acclaimed venues.

Honest Burgers

Honest Burgers is known for its commitment to quality and simplicity. They pride themselves on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create mouth-watering burgers. The menu, while focused on burgers, offers a variety of options, including chicken, vegetarian, and vegan burgers. The chain is renowned for its crispy rosemary salted chips, which come with every burger.

The atmosphere in Honest Burgers is often described as warm and casual, making it a popular spot for both locals and tourists. In addition to the food, they offer a selection of craft beers, wines, and soft drinks to complement the dining experience.


Nestled in the heart of Liverpool, Hawksmoor provides a sanctuary for those seeking exquisitely cooked meat within an ambiance that merges classic elegance with contemporary flair. While primarily celebrated for their expertly cooked, ethically sourced steaks, the lesser-known but equally delectable offerings from their burger selection hold their own in captivating the palates of diners.

From the carefully selected cuts of beef to the freshly baked buns, every burger is a mastery of flavours and textures, promising a sublime culinary experience.

The establishment also boasts an impressive array of beverages from crafted cocktails to handpicked wines, ensuring that diners can perfectly pair their burgers with a drink that complements and elevates their meal.

Warm, knowledgeable staff enhance the dining experience, guiding guests through the menu with expert advice on pairings and preparations. Hawksmoor doesn’t just serve meals – it crafts dining experiences that linger in the memory long after the last bite.

Almost Famous

Renowned for its delectable and unconventional burgers, Almost Famous has been a trendsetter in Liverpool’s culinary scene. One burger, in particular, steals the spotlight: The This Is Liverpool Burger. This spectacular creation pays tribute to the city’s beloved cuisine, featuring:

  • A double cheeseburger
  • Salt n pepper chicken n chips
  • Chip shop curry sauce
  • Onions
  • Peppers
  • Lettuce
  • Peppered mayo

Relish in the flavours of Liverpool with this innovative and mouth-watering burger, promising to satisfy your every craving.

The Club House

The Club House offers a beach-inspired atmosphere, featuring delightful outdoor seating, live entertainment, and an enticing outdoor barbeque. Their menu may consist of only two burger options, yet each one is quite delectable. The tantalising aroma from the barbeque easily entices visitors.

Our recommendation is their succulent beef burger accompanied by bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a gherkin, which is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Down the Hatch

Liverpool’s notable plant-based eatery, Down the Hatch, can be found nestled beneath a snug staircase on Duke Street. Quickly becoming a popular destination for scrumptious vegetarian and vegan junk food, this Duke Street spot has plenty to offer.

Their menu features an abundance of delectable burgers, catering to vegetarians who desire more than just greens in their meal. Tantalising options like the Zinger burger and the renowned Captain Jacks – made with BBQ pulled jackfruit and housemade slaw – truly showcase Down the Hatch’s expertise in crafting exceptional vegetarian burgers.

What’s Cooking

What’s Cooking is a charming eatery located at The Albert Dock, known for its homemade-style dishes and longstanding presence as the oldest active restaurant in the area. It has played a significant role in the dock’s revitalisation.

Though the delightful restaurant is highly regarded for its scrumptious barbequed pork ribs and fresh haddock, it’s their burgers that really stand out. For those seeking a filling, flavoursome option, consider trying the Scooby Snack – a juicy double beef burger with double cheese, pineapple, Cajunaisse sauce, and a generous portion of cheese-topped fries.

Renowned for offering some of the best burgers in Liverpool, What’s Cooking earns its place as The Albert Dock’s burger haven.

Yard and Coop

At Yard and Coop, the Parma Bird burger is an irresistible choice, consisting of a buttermilk fried chicken breast enveloped in delectable parma ham. For those seeking something simpler, the Basic Chick offers scrumptious fried chicken accompanied by fries and coleslaw. As a renowned Liverpool establishment, Yard and Coop’s range of chicken burgers consistently delivers mouthwatering flavours.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Gourmet Burger Kitchen offers a compact yet well-designed menu featuring classic options. One standout choice to satisfy even the hungriest customer is their mouth-watering X Burger. This hearty creation consists of two 6oz beef patties, topped with flavoursome mature cheddar, baconnaise, grilled pineapple, Cajun relish, jalapenos, chillies, and crispy onions.

Free State Kitchen

Discover a remarkable hidden treasure located on Maryland Street: Free State Kitchen. This hotspot boasts a beautiful beer garden and an impressive collection of handheld games, perfect for spending time in the warmer months.

Choose from seven mouth-watering options, with the double French onion burger being a standout choice, featuring two beef patties, garlic butter, caramelised onions, Dijon mustard, and Swiss cheese. A truly delectable experience awaits.

Five Guys

A few years ago, Five Guys arrived in Liverpool, generating excitement among burger enthusiasts. Today, this American burger chain continues to satisfy Liverpool’s residents with its mouthwatering burgers and various toppings and sides. What sets Five Guys apart from other burger establishments is their focus on the essentials, while offering a wide assortment of toppings. A recommended choice is a Bacon Cheeseburger with extra additions like tomato, lettuce, and relish to enhance its flavours.

Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame is renowned for its diverse range of American diner cuisine, particularly its mouth-watering burgers, making it an ideal destination for National Burger Day. The menu boasts a variety of options, such as the Empire State Burger and the Mac Daddy, ensuring there’s something to satisfy everyone’s cravings. We recommend trying the Uncle Buck, a 6oz steak patty accompanied by bacon, mac & cheese, onion rings, cheese, lettuce, and mayo. Despite the challenge of managing the generous portion of mac & cheese, it’s undoubtedly a treat worth experiencing.


One unique dining experience awaits you at Patterson’s, where the Quadruple Bi-pass burger challenge tests the bravest eaters. This massive meal includes 2 beef patties, fried chicken, bacon, cheddar, chilli cheese, goat cheese, hash browns, onion rings, alongside fries and coleslaw. The city of Liverpool has few burger challenges that compare in size.

If you’re confident in your appetite, you have 20 minutes to complete the challenge. Succeed, and the meal is free of charge.


Bakchich, a chic Lebanese eatery on Bold Street, offers an appealing menu catering to diverse preferences, particularly vegetarians. Among their flavoursome options, the Veggie Burger stands out as a must-try dish, featuring a scrumptious Halloumi steak burger laden with falafel, hummus, and tomato, all perfectly complemented with a Bakchich salad.

Meat Factory

Indulge in true American comfort food at Meat Factory, nestled in the lush surroundings of Aigburth’s Lark Lane. Their renowned Brooklyn Big Ass burger is a must-try: a 6oz rump patty topped with double bacon, jack cheese, a potato pancake, pulled pork, crisp lettuce, onion rings, flavourful slaw, and tangy BBQ sauce. A mouth-watering feast awaits!

Shipping Forecast

The Shipping Forecast, a renowned pub and eatery in Liverpool, offers a serene and inviting ambiance amidst the bustling city centre. With its impressive menu, fine beer selection, and exceptional staff, it has become a favourite destination for burger enthusiasts. The standout choice is their Katsu Burger, consisting of Southern Fried Chicken drenched in a delectable curry sauce.


BrewDog stands out as an exceptional bar that specialises in premium craft beers and offers an impressive selection of board games for patrons to enjoy. They take pride in maintaining high standards for both their beer and food, ensuring a straightforward yet scrumptious menu.

One noteworthy dish on the menu is the Louisiana – a vegan ‘pulled pork’ burger that intrigues many. This mouth-watering creation features a topping of avocado slaw and cashew nuts, all served on a vegan Punk IPA bread to enhance the flavour experience.

Revolución de Cuba

Revolución de Cuba is a lively venue offering live music and an extensive cocktail selection accompanied by a fantastic outdoor seating area. The diverse menu features several delicious burger options, among which the Beef Brisket & Jalapeno burger is highly recommended. This homemade flat iron beef burger is served with slow-cooked shredded beef brisket, deep-fried jalapenos, and crispy onions, along with the classic combination of tomato, lettuce, and cheese.

Portland Street 358

Located on Smithdown Road, Portland Street 358 attracts both students and South Liverpool residents seeking a delightful meal without venturing into the city centre. Known for its enticing menu, the eatery specialises in exceptional burgers. Among the top choices is the Sassy Cheese, a creative twist on the traditional cheeseburger, featuring a grilled minced beef patty, melted cheddar, goat’s cheese with chillies, garlic, and a generously sized onion ring.

Red Dog Saloon

Renowned for its expertise in American barbecue cuisine, the Red Dog Saloon presents some of the most enticing burgers in Liverpool. This establishment caters to burger aficionados with a range of classics, such as the beloved Cheeseburger.

The El Classico is another must-try, boasting a tender southern fried buttermilk chicken burger, accompanied by shredded baby gem lettuce and Red Dog’s signature sauce. For those with a sweet tooth, the city of Liverpool offers an array of delightful desserts to finish off a satisfying burger experience.